United Methodist Church of Mount Vernon
Thursday, April 17, 2014
Service Times
Praise Style - 8:30 AM
Fellowship Time in Common Ground - 9:30 AM
Traditional Style- 11:00 AM


Welcome to the United Methodist Church of Mount Vernon!

 The congregation at Mount Vernon United Methodist is a warm and welcoming group-- eager to meet you and excited about worship.  Come visit and see for yourself how God is working in our church and in our lives.  We think you'll agree that the "UMCMV" is a pretty amazing place to be!


There's a lot going on in the church Right Now!  
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The God Story uses traditional elements of storytelling to help us see the threads that run through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The God Story will help your congregation see themselves and their roles in the great story of God’s people.

This sermon series gives your church the opportunity to spend seven weeks walking through the story of the Bible. Clearly the whole story cannot be told in such a short time, but the series will focus on the connections between figures and events in the Bible that can sometimes seem disconnected. People new to Christianity or unfamiliar with the Bible will be enriched by this dynamic exploration of Scripture that shows how all of history and our own lives today are part of God’s great story.

The series is ideal for Lent, beginning on the first Sunday of Lent and culminating on Easter Sunday. It can easily be adapted to other times in the year as well.


Palm Sunday April 13

8:30 am Praise Service

11:00 am Traditional Service

Maundy Thursday Worship

April 17, 2014 @ 6:30 pm

Good Friday April 18, 2014 @  6:30 pm  


Holy Easter Sunday April 20

7:00 am SONrise Service

8:30 am Praise Service

11:00 am Traditional Service




Pastor Bill's Bytes

We have had a wonder-filled couple of months among us, as the sanctuary renovation and organ installation projects have been moving forward.  This has required many adjustments – some major and some relatively minor – and I have been in awe as we seem to have taken them in stride quite well.  I thank God for the privilege and high calling of serving among you as your Lead Pastor. 

We are now occupying newly-renovated space and learning how to be in that space, including how to be with one another in that space.  This will require many adjustments to what had become comfortable patterns.  It’s a situation very much like the Israelites faced when God said to them through Joshua, “It’s time to cross over and walk around in the land I’ve given to you.”  I believe that the key to making this transition is staying focused on our mission and vision, and maintaining a solid commitment to our two primary core values:  loving God with all our being, and loving others as we love ourselves.

As we move into Lent, we will be sharing with you a series of sermons called The God Story, inviting us all to examine the stories we live by and allow God to tell God’s story through us.  We will be welcoming some new members to our midst and celebrating at least one baptism, and, on March 9th, we will dedicate our new pipe organ at both worship services.  I will look for you to be with us.

Your servant for the sake of Jesus,  Pastor Bill



Your servant for the sake of Jesus,

Pastor Bill